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Health Insurance for all.

The intent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to expand health insurance coverage to all Americans. Some benefits of the new law are to improve the quality of the existing coverage; lower health care costs; expand Medicaid coverage; create new health insurance Marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can shop for and enroll in private coverage; prohibit insurance companies from denying, cancelling or charging more for insurance policies because a person is sick or has a pre-existing health condition; and strengthen Medicare.

The Department of Insurance has put together the following information and links so you can learn more about how the ACA will benefit you and your family:


What is Choose Health Delaware? It's your official resource for finding out how the new healthcare reform law can benefit you as a Delaware resident or business owner. Choose Health Delaware will also introduce you to the new Health Insurance Marketplace and explain why health insurance is important for everyone.


Taxes and Fees Related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

PLEASE NOTE All questions regarding taxes and fees related to the ACA should be directed to a qualified tax professional. The Delaware Department of Insurance cannot give advice on tax-related issues.